Positive Solutions Pharmacy Management

Positive Solutions – Listening to the needs of the UK’s community pharmacists

Positive Solutions specialises in technology and services that deliver greater business efficiency and performance to community pharmacies across the UK. We provide pharmacy management tools, including PMR and EPoS systems, order management software and specialist shop fitting, as well as other bespoke services designed and developed alongside pharmacists to meet your requirements.

By listening to the needs of the community pharmacy market and understanding the challenges you face, Positive Solutions has been able to develop products that enable greater stock control, the ability to dispense and order in a more efficient way and methods for marketing services more effectively. The resulting improvement in business processes will help to drive increased revenue and profit at your pharmacy or pharmacy group.


OrderManager is a platform agnostic, rule based order management system, that allows you to automate the buying process to save time and ensure best value for money when purchasing from wholesalers.

OrderManager gives you…

  • Flexibility – platform agnostic solution can be used with existing PMR systems
  • Increased confidence in supply chain – Leading to savings through reduced branch stock levels.
  • Cost effective ordering – automated purchasing process ensures orders are placed at most competitive prices.
  • Access to a comprehensive range of suppliers – enabling the widest range of ordering options,


Analyst PMR

Analyst PMR allows you to dispense prescriptions quickly and accurately, providing an effective business solution and increased customer satisfaction while ensuring your patient safety and compliance.

Analyst PMR gives you…

  • Efficient and accurate dispensing – through use of barcode technology, EPS2, AMS, CMS and 2DRx functionality
  • Reliability – as a result of effective back-up, support and ability of terminals to operate independently
  • Compatibility – Analyst PMR includes a robot interface, allowing for further investment in technology.

Analyst EPoS and Analyst IPS

Analyst EPoS allows you to manage transactions, stock control, customer records for OTC purchases and pharmacy services, as well as the ability to deliver your promotions and promotional campaigns. Analyst IPS combines Analyst EPoS and Analyst PMR to provide a complete pharmacy management system.

Analyst IPS gives you…

  • Payment control – reduction in lost revenue owing to accurate prescription charge checking
  • Enhanced workflow – resulting from integrated PMR and EPoS systems
  • Reliability – if one terminal falls down others continue to operate at full speed
  • Improved patient communication – ability to contact patients through text message service
  • Increased patient safety – as a result of more accurate interaction checking


Merchandising & Shop fitting

Merchandising & Shop fitting

How you merchandise your products is a key part of differentiating yourself from your competitors and has a huge impact on sales. Positive Solutions work with pharmacists to develop eye catching shop layouts and displays that maximise the potential of a pharmacy’s retail space. Using our national sales database, we can also advise on the bestselling OTC lines, both by season and by region, ensuring you are providing customers with the most in demand products at all times.

If you are considering a full refit or are developing new premises, our pharmacy shop fittings service will manage the complete process and help you create both a fresh and effective layout capable of maximising revenue opportunities for your business.

Our services give you…

  • Contemporary, appealing shop layouts, designed to drive OTC sales
  • Detailed planograms and sales data to help you effectively organise and manage your OTC lines
  • Advice on how to manage stock control and get the best out of your EPoS / IPS systems