Here is the latest Analyst User Newsletter, featuring the best tips and updates for users of our platform…


Introducing Analyst 3.57

The latest version of Analyst is now due for release with the rollout commencing this month. The new version contains a number of key features, including:

  • For England EPS users, Claim Amend now adds the ability to amend reimbursement claims after they have been submitted for payment;
  • For Scotland users, the Universal Claim Framework (UCF) adds support for electronic claiming of pharmacy-led services.


Hints & Tips

MDS checkboxes: To tick / untick all the MDS boxes at once for patients within a nursing home, hold CTRL and click the top box of the column you are changing.

Document store: Use the document store facility to link documents held on your computer to a patient’s record.

Hit codes: A hit code can be used to go straight to a drug without having to search through a list to find it.


Service Desk Statistics

At PSL we pride ourselves on our customer service and being there when you need us. Our Service Desk aim is to answer 85% of calls within 10 seconds and respond to 97% of all calls within 3 minutes.

Overall, our average response time for August was 48 seconds.