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3G Resilience

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your N3 connection fails? Concerned that your pharmacy wouldn’t be able to download prescriptions or send orders with the ease that broadband provides?

In the event of an N3 connection failure, our solution automatically switches over to 3G to minimise disruption and prevent loss of revenue and brand damage.

To find out more about Analyst Business Continuity, please contact Martin on 01257 235 914.


Hints & Tips

Shelf edge labels: Set your system to auto print your new shop price labels after a batch price update to ensure accuracy.

Item filtering: For patients with multiple medication items, use the unique history filtering functionality to streamline the search process.

Patient alerts: You can create patient alerts for deliveries, repeats or a combination of both. You can also print reference labels during the dispensing process to act as patient reminders.


Class 4 MHRA drug alert – Error with the barcodes on selected batches of 8 medicinal products (Focus Pharmaceuticals)

Drug alert number: EL (17) A/08

Date issued: 4th September 2017

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a class 4 pharmacy and wholesaler level caution in use, for certain batches of eight medicinal products.

The medicinal products this alert refers to are:

Pregabalin Oral Solution 20mg/ml (PL 20046/0301)
Trazodone 100mg capsules (PL 20046/0290)
Nefopam Hydrochloride 30mg Film Coated Tablets (PL 20046/0296)
Nortriptyline 10mg tablets (PL 20046/0304)
Nortriptyline 25mg tablets (PL 20046/0305)
Nortriptyline 50mg tablets (PL 20046/0306)
Dicycloverine 20mg tablets (PL 20046/0286)
Dicycloverine 10mg / 5ml Oral Solution (PL 20046/0287)

Please refer to the MHRA website for product batch numbers and expiry dates.


Focus Pharmaceuticals has identified an error with the barcodes on the cartons of the above batches of products. When scanned, the barcodes may identify the wrong products. The other product details on the cartons, including name, strength and pharmaceutical form of the medicine are correct.

Recipients of this drug alert are asked to remove affected stock from robotic or automated dispensing systems and to carry out manual dispensing, as appropriate. There is no risk to product quality as a result of this issue; therefore the specified batches of products are not being recalled at this time.