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New business continuity feature added to EPS Prescription Tracker

NHS Digital have added a new business continuity feature to the online EPS Prescription Tracker tool. This new mode allows you to view outstanding prescription medicines information; -if there is N3/HSCN access but the pharmacy system is experiencing downtime.

The Tracker tool already allows your pharmacy team to be able to check the status of an EPS prescription. The new business continuity mode feature can be used by pharmacy teams if their PMR system has a temporary technical issue, but they are still able to access an N3/HSCN internet connection.

Pharmacy staff who have the pharmacy premises set on their Smartcard will be able to see their pharmacy’s outstanding EPS prescriptions and medicines information for each of those prescriptions. In the event of an outage, this information may help your pharmacy to continue to provide services to patients and to plan additional actions they need to take, including with local GP practices, if the outage is likely to last for a prolonged period.

Commenting on this, David Broome –pharmacy contractor, PSNC regional representative and Vice Chair of the joint Community Pharmacy IT Group- said: “A technical issue with my PMR system could cause real difficulties. This will potentially save the day, allowing me to see information about my pharmacy’s outstanding prescription, meaning we can continue to help our patients. Its easy-to-use, which is a big plus.”

Alastair Buxton, Director of NHS Services at PSNC added: “I encourage contractors and their teams to explore the new feature and to incorporate it into their business continuity plans. SPNC will continue to work with NHS Digital to develop further systems to support EPS business continuity.”

Find out more about using the Tracker in business continuity mode on the PSNC Tracker webpage.


Hints & Tips

Paper or electronic script? If you ever need to know whether an item was processed on an electronic or paper script, go to the patient details screen. From there, press on the History tab and highlight the item. If a ‘Script’ button appears at the bottom right of the screen it means the item was processed via an electronic script.

Script queue navigation: On the Script Queue screen, use ALT + Left/Right arrows to navigate per day, ALT + Up/Down to navigate per week, or ALT + Home to navigate back to the present day.

Patient searches: On the patient search box use the red buttons at the bottom to help search for patients by other methods.



MHRA medical device alert – All Accu-Chek Insight insulin pumps (Roche Diabetes Care)

MDA number: MDA/2017/030

Date issued: 20th September 2017

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a medical device alert for certain batches of: All Accu-Chek Insight insulin pumps (Roche Diabetes Care)

The audible and/or vibration alarms might not function on the pumps, which may lead to hyperglycaemia if the user doesn’t see the notification message on the pump.

The action points, which are to be completed by all healthcare workers responsible for patients who use these devices, are:

  • Identify all users of Accu-Chek Insight insulin pumps;
  • Ensure that all patients an carers:
    -receive the manufacturer’s Field Safety Notice (FSN)
    -understand the information detailed in the FSN and follow the advice given by the manufacturer
    -check the display of the insulin pump regularly
    -seek clinical advice if they are concerned and have an alternative insulin therapy available if necessary
    -contact the Roche Careline to get a replacement if the pump continues to display the ‘E7’ error message; and
  • Return the FSN acknowledgement form to Roche as currently the manufacturer has not received sufficient responses.


Deadlines for actions:

Actions underway: 4th October 2017

Actions complete: 18th October 2017

To view the alert please visit the MHRA website