The Positive Solutions eLearning Platform

Positive Solutions are delighted to announce that we will soon be launching a new eLearning service, developed specifically for our Analyst customers. Designed to give pharmacists access to a wide range of training and best-practice videos, the Positive Solutions eLearning platform will provide instructional advice on getting the best results from your Analyst pharmacy IT system, as well as offering expert guidance on how to increase efficiency, maximise revenue and create effective business solutions.

Following the official launch of the service on 2nd January 2018, registered users will be able to access the platform via Positive Solutions’ website.


Hints & Tips

Paper or EPS script?

If you need to know whether an item was sent on an electronic or paper script, go to the patient details screen press on the History tab and highlight the item. If a ‘Script’ button appears at the bottom right of the screen it was on an electronic script.

PMR history filtering

Use the Unique button to filter patient history for patients with large history’s to view their newest dispensed medication.

Product information leaflets

Look for the ‘EMC’ link on product record for direct access to a Product Information Leaflet or the summary of product characteristics. Alternatively click on the Help menu, then Resources and then the Electronic Medical Compendium link


Service Desk Christmas Opening Hours

The service desk will be open as usual over the festive period and only closed on the Bank Holidays

Saturday 23rd    Normal hours

Christmas Eve    Closed

Christmas Day   Closed

Boxing Day          Closed

Wednesday 27th Normal hours

Thursday 28th   Normal hours

Friday 29th Normal hours

Saturday 30th    Normal hours

News Year’s Eve Closed

News Year’s Day Closed

Open as usual from 2nd January