After conducting consultations and discussions with our customers, we learned that they wanted more help in educating their staff on how to get the most out of their Analyst PMR systems. Following this, we are proud to announce the launch of our new Positive eLearning Platform.

 This is the latest innovation from Positive Solutions to provide easy access to on-demand learning that can be reinforced as and when a pharmacy team needs it. Designed to support the entire workforce in the use of their Analyst PMR system, Positive Solutions eLearning is the first online platform to be made available to pharmacies by any leading pharmacy IT systems provider.

Positive eLearning is an effective training solution geared towards enhancing the knowledge base, skills and motivation of pharmacy employees. This new eLearning platform can be tailored for individual pharmacies or groups by utilizing the extensive catalogue of eLearning Video Tutorials and Master Classes designed to support pharmacy efficiency, increase sales and deliver greater customer satisfaction. The modules are suited to all roles from dispensing and healthcare beginners to locums and the use of Analyst PMR is brought to life with an engaging presentation style, animated screen captures and high production values. Added value is delivered through advice on professional best practice, how to fulfill contractual requirements including Quality Payments and Healthy Living Pharmacy and identifying service opportunities that will retain customers.

With the decision to include professional guidance and expert pharmacy advice, Positive Solutions are proving they listen to customer feedback and are responding to market needs: “It is a fundamental requirement of everyone in the pharmacy team to have access to the training and development tools they need to help them do their job better. Today’s IT systems are becoming more complex and sophisticated, and businesses really struggle to ensure their staff are trained on an on-going basis to ensure they are maximising the systems to their  full potential” says Head of Sales, Stephen McGee, He added, “after listening to feedback from our customers, we have responded by producing an eLearning platform that is available 24/7, 365 days a year and will constantly be updated with the latest training videos and information on our systems. This will ensure our customers pharmacy teams are always kept up to date with the latest ‘know how’ on our products and services”

By fully embracing technology, pharmacy can be part of an emerging healthcare culture that supports NHS outcomes and provides patients and customers with greater choice and access to healthcare.  This first eLearning platform for pharmacy IT systems will allow staff to engage with training that’s central to their professional development.

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