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Enhance your pharmacy team’s knowledge of Analyst PMR with our new eLearning platform

As a leading provider of IT systems, at Positive Solutions we want to help Pharmacy clients achieve maximum benefit from our IT solutions. This is why we’ve created Positive eLearning – the only online Platform that allows pharmacy teams to use Analyst PMR to its full potential.

Pharmacy teams will benefit from direct online access to an extensive portfolio of quick reference Video Tutorials and Master Classes designed to support pharmacy efficiency, increase sales and deliver greater customer satisfaction.

The modules are suited to all roles from dispensing and healthcare beginners to locums and the films are brought to life by a professional tutor, animated screen captures and great production values.

As a Positive Solutions client you’ll find the added value of professional best practice and advice, from fulfilling contractual requirements including Quality Payments and Healthy Living Pharmacy, to identifying service opportunities that can increase your pharmacy business.

Please visit our Positive eLearning homepage to register


Hints & Tips

Too many inbound orders?: Do something with inbound orders to prevent the purchases screen becoming overloaded with order history. If you haven’t got the time to book them in, set the auto-accept by clicking on Admin | System Configuration | Miscellaneous Tab and set the Automatic Order Completion to Cancel, clear demand.

Speed dispensing buttons: Set up Speed Dispense buttons for quicker access to your most common actions while dispensing i.e. to change the Quantity / Dose, Charge or Script type etc. Click Setup and then select Speed Dispense buttons. Choose your preferred actions for each button.

MDS drug rounds: If you press ‘CTRL & D’ when on a drug round for homes patients, it will highlight all the green times in drug rounds box.


Have you completed your annual clinical audit?

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded of the requirement to complete a pharmacy-based clinical audit as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework by 31st March 2018.

The NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service has created a Community Pharmacy Oral Anticoagulant Safety Audit which has been added to PharmOutcomes and is available to all contractors who wish to use it.

The aim of the audit is to ensure people taking anticoagulants are aware of how their medicine can affect them and to check on any relevant safety issues relating to their medicines.

More information and paperwork for this audit and other audits which contractors may wish to complete can be found at: