Ensuring effective temperature control for cold chain storage with StockGuard

Healthcare professionals have a duty to supply medicines that are fit for their intended purpose and patients are entitled to receive them in the same condition. Hence the statutory requirement that any pharmacy ensures its medicines stock is stored under suitable conditions at all times.

With the launch of their new StockGuard product for fridge lines, pharmacy IT specialists Positive Solutions, are taking into account both mandatory regulation and current pressure for Pharmacy to make efficiency savings without compromising patient safety.

StockGuard eliminates the need for manual checking and recording of cold chain storage, freeing up staff to concentrate on other areas of pharmacy operation. Cold chain storage is a key focus of routine MHRA inspections, particularly for contractors with wholesale activities. Strict adherence to guidelines and the recording of consistently accurate data is therefore vital in satisfying pharmacy audit requirements and the maintenance of safety standards.


Introducing StockGuard

The StockGuard system incorporates one central access point with calibrated certified wireless sensors placed in clinical storage areas. The temperature readings are constantly recorded and fed back to the StockGuard Cloud, with real-time temperature readings displayed on Analyst PMR and EPoS systems.

It’s worth noting that ad hoc manual checks carried out on a daily basis don’t take into account temperature fluctuation or fridge malfunction, creating the risk that stock damage could go undetected. However, this latest wireless temperature monitoring system from Positive Solutions offers continuous functionality, automated readings and displays current, high, low and average temperature charts, all in real time. Settings can be configured by the pharmacy and any readings out of safe range will automatically trigger on-screen alerts with immediate SMS text and email notifications to minimise the risk of stock damage.


‘Why should my pharmacy use StockGuard?’

StockGuard uses the latest technology to deliver reliable, accurate and robust cold chain monitoring of fridge lines. Its wireless sensors are built to IP67 protection class. They are waterproof and dust proof and operate between -40°C and +70°C in dry or damp conditions. The system also comes with a 10yr battery life. In the event of a loss of connection, it will continue to deliver temperature readings for up to 50 days, assisting the pharmacist to determine whether the safety of any stock has been compromised.

StockGuard client software allows pharmacies to easily configure alert preferences. Once downloaded and installed, the access point is then connected to the power source and network, and the sensors will automatically start transmission of readings to the StockGuard Cloud.


Key Benefits of StockGuard:


  • Reduced risk of stock damage and waste – immediate generation of on-screen alerts when an out of safe-range reading is detected. Alerts can also be sent by SMS text message and email to up to six recipients, allowing immediate response to avoid temperature sensitive stock damage.


  • Improved patient safety – supports pharmacist professional judgement to determine whether stock safety has been compromised. Ensures medicines supplied or administered are fit for their intended purpose.


  • Accurate data recording – automatic generation of detailed daily reports for minimum, maximum and average temperatures for any day from date of installation.


  • User-friendly ‘plug & play’ setup – simply connect the access point to power source and network for automatic transmission of readings to the StockGuard Cloud. StockGuard client software is available online to download for configuration of pharmacy alerts.


  • Robust and reliable system – 10yr battery life with up to 50 days readings in the event of a connection failure. Waterproof and dustproof sensors operate between -40°C and +70°C in dry or damp conditions.


  • Mobile temperature logging – home delivery of fridge lines is an extension of cold chain storage activity. StockGuard Sensors can be placed in vehicles to record delivery data. On return to the pharmacy and with the vehicle within range of the access point, readings are automatically downloaded to create full temperature trace reports.



To learn more about StockGuard and any other specialist IT solution contact Positive Solutions here.


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