Congratulations to all the brilliant winners of the 2018 Scottish Pharmacist Awards, which were this year dominated by Positive Solutions customers. This included Davidsons Chemists and Deans Pharmacy who walked off with two awards each, as well as worthy winners Barnton Pharmacy & Travel Clinic and Right Medicine Pharmacy.

Scottish Pharmacy is a hugely important market for Positive Solutions and we’ve formed an enduring and trusted relationship with the majority of the sector groups. By lending our support to the most important event in the Scottish pharmacy calendar, we have recognised the quality and value delivered every day by all our customers with the help of our specialist IT products and solutions.

“It makes us immensely proud to know we are supporting the winners of six of the ten categories in this year’s awards” said Stephen McGee, Head of Sales and Marketing for Positive Solutions, “we have every confidence in Scotland’s community pharmacy sector as a whole and to know that most of the winners and, in some categories, all the finalists are PSL customers means we must be the number one choice for pharmacy IT systems and solutions.”

Innovation in Pharmacy Practice award winners; Right Medicine Pharmacy in Stirling, have successfully demonstrated how to generate increased output and greater efficiency in the delivery and management of MDS systems.

Right Medicine was the first to supply the Biodose Pod System to Scottish nursing homes and is now the first site in the UK to launch a Biodose Connect trial. This innovative self-medication solution reminds patients living independently in the community to take their medication from a pre-dispensed pod, achieved by connecting the patient’s home directly to a web portal. The system also allows Right Medicine to deliver weekly sealed trays at a time convenient to the patient.

More than a million unplanned hospital admissions each year in the UK are linked to medication adherence issues. This, plus the ever-growing problem of medicines wastage, costs the NHS a staggering £800m annually. With an aging population, rising co-morbidities, and prescription volume increasing year on year, this figure is set to rise even further unless more initiatives such as these are introduced.

Positive Solutions’ Stephen McGee added “Our technology has the potential to handle high volumes of dispensing in community pharmacies and this innovation by Right Medicine is a clear example of how the sector can evolve by embracing automation in its daily process. At the same time, it frees up the pharmacist to develop and deliver more patient-centred services. The end result is greater business efficiency, improved medication compliance and adherence which, of course, delivers a better quality of patient care, reduces waste and makes the NHS pound stretch further.”

Automation offers pharmacies complete control over daily processes, whether MDS or repeat dispensing, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. Positive Solutions has developed an interface to manage both centralised hub and spoke automation and individual robot capabilities for a range of leading manufacturers, enabling pharmacy groups to explore new operating models.

Integration with this type of technology can significantly improve dispensing efficiency and deliver considerable long-term cost savings.


Positive Solutions is continually looking to engage with automation manufacturers and pharmacies interested in automation. This will help us to identify new opportunities for efficiencies in workflow and stock value.

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