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Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) survey

Thank you to all those who participated in our FMD survey. The survey is now closed.

We are currently compiling and analysing the data and will share the results shortly.


Hints & Tips

‘Bucket’ supplier: Add an additional out of stock supplier to catch OOS, discontinued and unavailable items by setting up a Reply set from the Auto button with the supplier details. This can make it easier to view these items and to take relevant action to source out of stock items.

EPS or paper script?: If you need to know whether an item was sent on an electronic or paper script, go to the patient details screen, click the History tab and highlight the item. If a ‘Script’ button appears at the bottom right of the screen, it was on an electronic script.

Patient history: For patients with a lot of medication, use the unique button to filter patient history to the most recent items so you have less of a list to scroll through.


Script charge increase (For English Community Pharmacies ONLY)

The Government has announced an increase to the NHS prescription charge of 20 pence, to £8.80 prescription item, which came into effect from the 1st April.

Your Analyst system should have updated automatically. To check: for IPS/PMR users click Admin | System Configuration | Miscellaneous tab | and alter the NHS Script Fee if needed. For EPoS only users, click Setup | Miscellaneous | Uncoded Buttons | and highlight then edit the NHS button and alter the price if needed.

Alternatively, please call the Service Desk on 01257 235940 for assistance.

PSNC has designed a downloadable Prescription Charge Card for community pharmacies which are print ready for display.

Prescription charge card 2018 (colour)

Prescription charge card 2018 (black and white)