Positive Solutions is working closely with the UK FMD Working Group to fully understand the implications and requirements of FMD for Community Pharmacies.

We anticipate significant changes to pharmacy practice to comply with the Regulation and will be supporting its customers by:

  • Supplying all new Positive Solutions systems and hardware upgrades with FMD-aligned 2D scanners(i) at no extra cost.
  • Inviting pharmacies to regional FMD update workshops

(i)2D bar code with unique identifier and tamper evident packaging are obligatory safety features

A Statement on FMD from Positive Solutions

We are working closely with the UK FMD Working Group and other stakeholders to understand the requirements and implications of the Falsified Medicines Directive.

Positive Solutions is currently consulting with customers and partners to determine any software changes that will be required. The outcome of our consultations will be made available on this website and regularly updated with the latest developments.

FMD at a Glance

The FMD is an EU Council Directive intended to reduce the entry of falsified medicines into the legitimate supply chain and affects any medicine product with a false representation of:

  • identity, packaging, labelling, name, composition and the strength of ingredients
  • source, manufacturer, country of manufacturing, country of origin, marketing authorisation
  • history, records and documents relating to distribution channels
  • More information is available from http://www.fmdsource.co.uk/