Pharmacy Development

Prescription volume is increasing year on year, and so the integration of more automation in the dispensing process will become inevitable. Whether managing MDS trays or repeat prescription dispensing packs, automation offers complete control over the process, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. The increased integration of automation is accelerated by the arrival onto the market of smaller and more efficient machines.

Our solutions are developed by teams of experts, who support each customer to achieve maximum operating efficiency. We have created an open platform that supports the integration of a wide range of IT infrastructures including third party systems to allow greater pharmacy autonomy and enable clear return on investment.

Positive Solutions- no ordinary PMR vendor

We’re changing the perception of technology for pharmacy by delivering complete solutions that support pharmacy growth.

With 20 years of experience in healthcare technology development, we are proud of our excellent reputation for change management and the streamlining of transition. Our systems are the best of breed and deliver innovation to our customers, and we work with all types of pharmacy, whether large multiples, independent groups or single pharmacy contractors to enable the best operational functionality at all times.

Positive Solutions has the capability to support hub and spoke distribution, as well enabling pharmacy groups to explore new operating models. Our Analyst Automation interface manages both centralised automation and individual robot capabilities. By ensuring the seamless connection between Analyst PMR or Analyst Central Fill and a range of leading pharmacy robots, we streamline the dispensing process and support pharmacies in embracing the technology of the future with minimal upheaval.

From daily dispensing processes to pharmacy automation, the improved management of ordering, and OTC activity, Positive Solutions ensures pharmacy has the right technology, infrastructure, training and support. In addition to the delivery of reliable and effective IT solutions for pharmacies across the UK, we are proud to work with a range of approved partners who all share the same commitment to help in driving-up pharmacy revenue, encouraging improved profit and supporting service delivery.

The Pharmacy Show

The pharmacy environment incorporates a number of key business assets and the UK Pharmacy Show is a great opportunity for us to showcase the quality and scope of our wide range of end-to-end pharmacy solutions. Whether a pharmacy is looking for IT infrastructure installation and hardware support, a business process review, commercial or clinical data analysis, shop fitting or merchandising services, Positive Solutions will propose a solution specifically designed with pharmacy goals in mind.

“Positive Solutions is renowned for the quality, stability and accuracy we provide with our wide range of end-to-end solutions for Pharmacy. It makes perfect sense for us to provide the right suite of tools to support the emerging needs of pharmacy to help drive revenue, profitability and efficiencies across the pharmacy sector”,
concludes Stephen McGee.

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