“Clinical leadership of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians is absolutely critical”

The Scottish Cabinet secretary for Health and Sport Jeane Freeman OBE has drawn attention to a number of challenges that currently exist in Scotland while addressing an audience of pharmacists and pharmacy professionals at the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s World Congress 2018. These include an unacceptable level of inequality, made evident by a huge variation in life expectancy in Glasgow.

She referred to the absolute importance of community pharmacy in her speech, citing that the “clinical leadership” of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians is “absolutely critical” to realising Scotland’s healthcare ambitions in the coming years.

She went on talk about the important of making full use of available digital information and technologies as “key enablers” to developing pharmacists’ skills to respond to changing demand.


How Positive Solutions can help

At Positive Solutions we could not agree more with the Health Secretary and welcome her comments highlighting the importance of community pharmacy in bolstering the overall wellbeing of the population.

We are committed to supporting community pharmacies in their work, enhancing their capabilities to extend beyond prescribing in order become a trusted resource for front line medical advice for minor ailments and chronic conditions.

Positive Solutions offers a number of services to help community pharmacies to widen their services and capabilities. These include tools to help improve patient communication, automate the buying process and provide seamless back up and business continuity. We can also help you improve your revenue streams through retailing, with our merchandising and shop fitting services.

All of these different aspects of support come together to help you operate more profitably, but also with a greater impact in your community.


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