24 million people in England will be offered the flu vaccine this winter and the storage of vaccines at the correct temperature is crucial if this medication is to remain safe and effective.

With Public Health England hoping to save hundreds of lives by extending its enhanced NHS Flu Vaccination programme, there’s greater opportunity for Community Pharmacy to support the programme.  Commissioners hope this increased service uptake will lead to 30,000 fewer GP appointments, 2,000 fewer people needing hospital care and 700 fewer deaths from flu.

It’s critical therefore for pharmacies to maintain their cold chain to ensure vaccines are transported and stored according to manufacturer’s recommended temperature range until the point of administration(i)

Thanks to our StockGuard solution, this process can be automated, eliminating the need for manual recording by staff and increasing handling and storage efficiency.

StockGuard is a wireless temperature monitor that delivers consistent control and accurate record keeping for refrigeration and ambient temperatures. With one central access point with calibrated wireless sensors, the system offers automatic continuous temperature monitoring. All settings can be individually configured to trigger immediate on-screen, SMS text and email alerts for any readings out of safe range.

Fully compliant with MHRA guidelines, StockGuard is the latest product from Positive Solutions to support statutory adherence. The system is suitable for use by Pharmacies and other clinical environments including Care Homes, GP surgeries and Hospitals where products stored in a refrigerator are subject to compliance with statutory cold chain temperature monitoring.

Not only does StockGuard ensures your cold chain stock is continuously stored at the correct temperature, it provides you with the necessary evidence for contractual compliance, together with the following additional benefits:

  • Reduced waste and risk of stock damage
  • Automatic on-screen, SMS and email alerts
  • Automatic data recording and daily reports
  • Mobile temperature logging for use in delivery vehicles
  • Integration with Analyst PMR

(i) Always remember:

  • Use of a vaccine that has not been stored correctly is likely to be outside of the licensed use of the vaccine and therefore it cannot be used under a PGD.
  • Each site where vaccines are stored must have a trained and designated person responsible for receipt and safe storage of vaccines.

Click here to download Public Health England’s Protocol for Ordering, Storing and Handling Vaccines

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About StockGuard

A single central access point is combined with a flexible setup of calibrated wireless sensors, bespoke according to the precise needs of the environment in question. Immediate alerts are triggered whenever readings move out of pre-defined safe ranges – and these alerts can be delivered by any combination of on-screen messages, SMS and email alerts, according to the organisation’s (or individual’s) choice.

We have built StockGuard to MHRA guidelines, so it supports care homes pharmacies and other clinical settings in achieving the necessary statutory compliance. The benefits are manifold: reduced waste and risk of stock damage; improved patient safety; more accurate temperature reporting and recording and great reliability, with a 10-year battery life and up to 50 days of readings without a direct power connection. It can also be used in vehicles to deliver mobile temperature logging.

For organisations already deploying our Analyst PMR solution, StockGuard is fully integrable, ensuring fully accurate and highly efficient dispensing. It is simply the latest element in the toolkit of an automated, efficient and cost-effective pharmacy.