Positive Solutions will provide full FMD compliance within its Analyst PMR and Analyst IPS solutions at no extra cost.

The leading pharmacy IT provider has also announced it will be phasing additional FMD functionality into its systems software, following initial uptake by its customers of minimum regulatory compliance.

Positive Solutions will support pharmacies with recommended system workflows to achieve greater operational efficiency and, ultimately, financial benefit.

Level 1 of its integrated solution –which will be available from January 2019- will enable Analyst systems users to achieve regulatory compliance ahead of the 9th February 2019 deadline. The FMD-aligned updated software will be automatically integrated by Positive Solutions into the existing Analyst PMR system at no additional cost and will provide:

  • Full Pharmacy FMD Compliance with verification & decommission using aggregated code
  • Basic date checking
  • Recalled Batch checking against the NMVS
  • Multiple workflow options

The Positive Solutions integrated FMD solution will be supplied free of charge to all new customers and for Analyst PMR or EPoS upgrades before 31st January 2019.

All new Analyst terminals shipped since January 2018 have already been supplied with a Honeywell VMD-ready Xenon 2D scanner with intelligent area imager to scan the new 2D Data Matrix, also known as the unique identifier (UI) code.

Any 1D scanners currently being used by PSL Customers need to upgrade to the Honeywell 2D indicated above. The cost for each 2D Scanner is £159 + VAT