Our fully integrated FMD solution is ready for on-boarding

The SecurMed ‘on-boarding’ website is open and we recommend all our customers to register as soon as possible, in preparation for the FMD launch on 9th February 2018.

‘On-boarding’ is the online registration process to ensure your pharmacy location is connected to the UK Medicines Verification System for FMD.

Registration is the responsibility of the Pharmacy Contractor to do this and further information is available from our website at https://www.positive-solutions.co.uk/securmed-on-boarding/


To register, go to SecurMed https://www.securmed.org.uk/register/end-user-registration/

As part of your registration, you will need the following information about your Positive Solutions FMD solution:

  1. Software Supplier Name: Positive Solutions Ltd
  2. Software Name: MediCyn FMD (Message broker & Console)
  3. Software Version: Analyst v3.61
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