28 11, 2019

EPS 4 roll-out starts

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EPS Phase 4 is only going to national deployment with TPP prescribing sites at the current time. Approx. 5% of the TPP sites will be going live between 18th November to 13th December 2019. Following a review over the Christmas period to ensure the success criteria has been met with this initial implementation, a further 10% [...]

11 11, 2019

RTEC remains in extended pilot phase

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RTEC remains in extended pilot phase due to ongoing delays beyond our control. Positive Solutions hopes to be given the go-ahead to commence national roll-out as soon as possible. In the meantime, Analyst should continue to register their request for activation by emailing RTEC@positive-solutions.co.uk and you will be contacted by the PSL Service Desk as [...]