Let us take the stress out of your home deliveries during the COVID-19 Crisis.

With the release of Analyst v4.0 there are many new features to help you run your pharmacy more efficiently.

The one we want to highlight is the new eDelivery management integration.

Managing all of your deliveries, especially now with the increase due to supporting vulnerable patients isolating, is not an easy task. As well as all the additional calls asking “Where is my delivery?”.

We have developed an interface that allows you to use the Delivery Mates app to do all the hard work for you.

Your driver simply scans all the delivery bag label barcodes with the eDelivery app and the app does everything else, maps the best route with all traffic information for the driver and this includeskeeping your patient informed of estimated delivery times.

A dashboard in the pharmacy gives you all the information you need of what delivery is where and with who, this would be especially useful to manage the volunteers that may have stepped in to help you.

Delivery Mates are the first eDelivery Management Company to partner with us and details can be found on our website. Setup is easy, just 10 minutes per branch, fully supported by our Service Desk.

We have recently negotiated an extended trial period for all PSL Analyst users to do our bit to help.

If you want to take advantage of this special 8-week trial, sign up here.

Thanks to you and all your staff for the fantastic job you are all doing to support us all at this challenging time. Also hoping that all of you and your families are keeping safe and healthy.

Your Positive Solutions Team

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