Addendum to the Analyst v4.00 help file re Pharmacy First

We would like to advise you of the following changes which will be included in the Analyst v4.01 help file but which you will need to be aware of when the scheme becomes active from the 29th July 2020.

  1. The current helpfile refers to the Extended Minor Ailment Scheme, this will be re-named as Pharmacy First in Analyst v4.01.
  2. In addition to the current help file contents, when performing a UCF consultation involving a PGD: where only advice or referral is provided, the prescribing of dummy items are now available for the appropriate service in the form of “UCF: Consultation Only” and “UCF: Refer to GP”.
  3. NHS Scotland have determined that the approved list of products for Pharmacy First will be introduced from the 1st October, Analyst will be updated accordingly at this time.

Please note:

If you have opted out of Analyst updates for MAS formulary items, we strongly recommend that you opt back in so that you can receive the new approved list – make sure the “Maintain local MAS formulary” is un-ticked in the MAS/CMS tab of your System Configuration or contact the Service Desk for assistance.

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