At the request of many of our customers, we have investigated how to minimise the impact of disallowed MAS items being dispensed.  Our team have made some changes to our database to better assist you. 


To restrict Analyst MAS formulary to only allow products that are in the Scotland NHS MAS formulary.  Regional Health Board products to be included in the central PSL active formulary list, and these will be policed locally by you.


Historically MAS dispensing in Scotland included all GSL and P products and appliances, some of which may be unknown to Positive Solutions, so the settings recommended in Analyst included an ‘override’ enabling pharmacies to dispense products not tagged as formulary by us.  The MAS formulary has since been restricted by NHS Scotland to certain products, but the override setting remains because of regional variances of some products (which is approx. 12 products across all health boards).  This override has led to non-formulary items being dispensed and subsequently disallowed for payment by NHS.

Suggested System Config change:

When the regional health board products have been added in the main PSL formulary, any customer who would like to restrict the formulary will need to change the system config settings.

PMR – System Configuration – MAS Tab

Recommended setting for Non-Formulary MAS Dispensing.

The Description search setting is a customer’s preference, so these settings are for reference only, but we might suggest OTC and Dispensary items included in search results setting is active.

For more information please contact your Customer Service Specialist or speak to a Product Specialist on our Functional support line  01257 235940 Option 2 Functional Support