Analyst Automation

With an ever-aging population and rising co-morbidities, prescription volume is increasing year on year. With this increasing pressure, many pharmacies are looking towards dispensing automation and robotics to create efficiency and competitive advantage. Whether managing MDS trays or dispensing repeat prescriptions, automation offers complete control over the process, ensuring compliance and patient safety.

Our proven interface technology handles the highest dispensing volumes. Each automation supplier will provide their own unique value proposition and return on investment case. Together with our automation partners we will deliver the solution you need to create digital workflows and an efficient pharmacy operation.

Value of Automation & Analyst PMR Integration

  • Enables increased output and assembly efficiencies
  • Ensures compliance and higher levels of patient safety
  • Supports hub and spoke assembly models
  • Allows long-term cost savings
  • Delivers tangible return on investment

Within the pharmacy operation time spent picking products could be used to deliver clinical services and allow team members the opportunity to provide patient consultations.

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In partnership with BD Rowa we are creating a new Customer Experience Centre at the Positive Solutions Office, just 5 minutes from motorway junctions M6 J28 & M61 J8.

The centre will allow our visitors to experience PMR to Robot automation, Central Fill assembly, new BD technology such as VPoint and VMotion and mobile dispensary workflow tools.

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Automation Partners

The integration of Analyst Automation is available with the leading automation manufacturers

Original Pack Automation

Multi-dose Automation

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