Analyst Central Fill

Positive Solutions are ready to support new Government Medicines and medical devices bill 2019 /2020 paving the way for both independent and pharmacy groups to share dispensing and medicines assembly systems.

  • Is your business ready for a hub and spoke revolution?
  • Would you like more time to provide quality patient services?
  • Would you like to reduce stock levels?
  • Are you looking for new revenue streams?
  • Are you looking for improved Patient safety using a fully audited database synchronisation system?
  • Whether you are an existing Analyst PMR user or interested in how your business could be transformed by central assembly look no further

Positive Solutions have created a proven solution across multiple models from a standalone Hub, to a Hub in a pharmacy.

The Analyst Central Fill solution can be configured for;

  • Manual Assembly of original pack (basic assembly model)
  • MDS Automation
  • Original pack Automation

Please contact us to discuss your preferred solution, to arrange your Hub and Spoke consultation at our new Customer Experience Centre.

Features of the Analyst Spoke system

  • Spoke Patient Relationship – keeping the spoke at the heart of the patient relationship retains continuity for patient care
  • Encrypted connections
  • Clinical check is user configurable and audited for peace of mind
  • Time saving – Spoke team are released to provide quality services to patients
  • Space saving as stock will be centralised at Hub

Features of the Analyst Hub system

  • Clinically safe as prescription is rendered exactly as sent through by Analyst PMR
  • Accuracy checking is built in via a specialised screen
  • Reporting calculates figures to cross charge spokes
  • Centralised bulk stock using OrderManager means beneficial buying opportunities
  • Scalable from 2 plus branches
  • Fully audited
Analyst Automation

Did you know over 90 million items processed by Analyst PMR are centrally fulfilled each year?

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