Analyst Handout

Following the release of Analyst v4.0, Positive Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of Analyst Handout.
Analyst Handout is an Android based application for hand held terminals to be used by dispensary and counter staff.

Analyst Handout App

Traditionally, PMR systems have focussed on the dispense of medication, treating the creation of dispensing labels, orders and claims as the end of the process. We know that this is not the case and much time can be wasted at the time of collection where bags are in the wrong place or have gone missing altogether. Very frustrating for all concerned.

Analyst Handout works with the shelf management facility in Analyst PMR to record where a patient’s bag or bags are stored so when they arrive to collect them they can be retrieved quickly, easily and entirely with no fuss and maximum efficiency.

Designed to work on ruggedised mobile devices, designed for scanning on the go, Analyst Handout is a perfect addition to the team. It will help record bags as collected and allows entry of declaration and exemption reasons to streamline claims and audits. Access the patient’s record to update phone numbers, consent, etc.

Analyst Handout Application

  • Digital Workflow
  • Time Saving
  • Improves Service
  • Improves communication
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Improves Safety

Improved Workflow

  • Promotes paperless processes
  • Fully integrated with Analyst PMR, including shelf management
  • Independent workflow
  • Prompt processing of claims

Improved Accuracy

  • Extra item in the fridge? Multi-storage location reminders
  • Outstanding Owing reminders
  • Undispensed script reminders
  • Shelf audit facility
  • Handout Audit trail
  • Labelling accuracy checks

Improved Communication

  • Works with Analyst SMS reminders
  • Patient alerts at handout
  • Service alerts at handout
  • Update customer details at handout