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Analyst Hardware

Supporting your business processes

Our Analyst terminals are designed to provide pharmacies with robust, reliableĀ and modern hardware. PMR and EPoS systems are essential components for any pharmacy and our hardware ensures your business is equipped for the digital era. Our Cortex hand-held terminal streamlines merchandising and stock taking processes, by providing a mobile device that synchronises via WiFi or Bluetooth with Analyst PMR and EPoS, improving productivity and efficiency in your pharmacy.

  • Complete terminals for Analyst PMR and EPoS systems, providing robust and reliable hardware for your businesses
  • Improved efficiency through use of mobile Mio Cortex
  • All-in-one units with solid state drives, enabling speedy installation and maintenance with minimum downtime
  • Terminals available in touch and non-touch modes
  • Robust scanner technology, enabling quick prescription and sales processing
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