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Analyst Head Office

Increasing group efficiency via analysis and reporting

Our Analyst Head Office system gives you an opportunity to search, analyse and review a variety of criteria relating to specific sites across your pharmacy group.

Using Head Office provides feature rich reporting for our powerful Integrated Pharmacy System (IPS), PMR and EPoS systems.

Head Office allows you to monitor and compare dispensing KPIs and prescription information across multiple PMR systems or vital sales, order and retail trend statistics across multiple EPoS sites.

The near-live audit trail from each branch can be viewed or interrogated when required, and alerts can be set-up to notify you via email when various tasks have been completed at branch.

  • Branch Insight providing information on the volume and value of sales and prescription forms
  • Integrated Pharmacy System (IPS) Head Office combines Analyst PMR and Analyst EPoS data to provide reports across a pharmacy group
  • PMR reports that support data-driven business decisions such as how many EPS claims are still to be sent or what’s my projected profit value from the dispensing reimbursement report?
  • EPoS reports, including financial information relating to till totals, profit, branch sales, and stock analysis
  • Actively reduce stock levels by reallocation round the group, revise ordering methods and access stock reports that help analyse purchasing compliance, IBT movements, stock valuations and reallocation of overstocks
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Analyst Head Office