Analyst Head Office

Analyst Head Office gives you the opportunity to search, analyse and review a wide range of data relating to all or individual sites across your Pharmacy group.

Analyst Head Office is rich in features for reporting from our Analyst PMR, EPoS and IPS solutions.

for our powerful Integrated Pharmacy System (IPS), PMR and EPoS systems. It allows you to monitor and compare statistics and data and when combined with Analyst IPS it reports back on group data.

Benefits of Head Office

Data gathering and reporting including:

  • Dispensing KPIs

  • Prescription information across multiple PMR systems

  • Sales, order and retail trends across multiple EPoS sites

  • Individual branch data for comparison of dispensing volume and sales values

  • Branch control functionality to ensure compliance with Company policy

  • PMR reports to support data-driven business decisions

  • EPoS financial reports including till totals, profit, branch sales, and stock analysis

Analyst Head Office
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