BD Rowa

You can decide for yourself which tasks your Rowa robot should take on for your pharmacy. As the need for automation increases, BD Rowa systems can be customised to meet your requirements and you can be sure they’re always a perfect fit for your pharmacy. Interfacing solutions for back office and sales offer greater efficiency and simplified business organisation.


Optimized goods cycle, an organized stockroom and high supply availability. Smooth processes in both the front and back office, better customer retention and contented employees.

Digital solutions

Rowa facilitates your first steps in the digital world with a networked portfolio of products: from behind-the-counter displays to shop floor displays, shop windows to QR code shopping. All these solutions can be maintained centrally and retrofitted at any time.


Add-ons such as automatic input systems, refrigerated units, a second input belt, and picking heads allow you to increase the degree of automation of your pharmacy system even further.

BD Rowa

A perfect solution for each pharmacy

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