BlistAssist is an automated packaging assistant with a new approach to improving the preparation and verification of medication blister cards. It offers greater efficiency, improved accuracy and minimised the risk of error.

BlistAssist is a software-driven solution and fully integrated with Analyst PMR with features including:

  • Light-guided tray to facilitate the preparation process
  • Barcode and pill image drive process for optimum accuracy
  • Tracking of lot number and expiry dates
  • Verification features to promote workflow flexibility

Benefits of BlistAssist

You can ignite your pharmacy’s business potential by harnessing data and business intelligence pertinent to:

  • Efficient use of staff time with streamlined process

  • Accurate preparation and minimised risk

  • No double entry of patient profiles

  • Barcode scan and image driven process

  • Lot number and expiry date tracking technology to facilitate verification

  • Full process traceability

  • Integrates easily into dispensary workflow

  • Accelerated verification from any area of the pharmacy

  • Consistent accuracy in dispensing and preparation

  • Interrupted preparation process can be resumed at any time

  • User log in and password for traceability

  • Compatible with most blister cards


A perfect solution for each pharmacy

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