Designed for cost efficiency

The impact of higher customer expectations and lower budgets is putting pharmacies under ever-increasing pressure. When EPS is thrown into the mix too, printing and IT becomes even more business critical. A factor that you can’t afford problems or delays with.

Brother has vast, specialist expertise designing printers that work for pharmacies. Their long-standing heritage partnering with healthcare clients enables us to give you the technology that reduces pressure on your teams and enhances your print processes. You can benefit from printers specially designed to work with prescription paper that ensure complete legibility, and multifunction machines that handle all of your photocopying, scanning and faxing. Whatever you need, we have the ideal solution.


How will it save you money?

MPS offers a range of cost efficiency benefits to pharmacies. It can reduce costs by removing charges for unplanned maintenance. It cuts the hidden costs that come with self-managing printers, including the time spent setting up machines and systems, responding to issues and handling supplies.

The key cost benefits