FMD Go Live

At Positive Solutions, our on-going commitment is to provide customers with technology, training and support that is fit for end-user purpose.

We are therefore providing a full implementation and support service for the installation of:

  • Analyst FMD software and
  • SecurMed security certificate(s)

In providing this bespoke customer support, our Service Desk will ensure customers achieve system functionality as quickly as possible. Service disruption or downtime will be kept to a minimum at all times and we will aim to resolve any concerns you may have about FMD functionality without delay.

Customers wishing to proceed with the MediCyn FMD software installation themselves can download our systems User Guides and Installation Guides – see more information below.

Implementation of MediCyn FMD Software for Analyst

The process outlined below is applicable to every pharmacy or dispensing entity using Analyst PMR, IPS or EPoS.

  1. Scanner Purchase
    End User locations will need at least one Honeywell VMD-ready Xenon 2D scanner with intelligent area imager. This is used to scan the new FMD 2D Data Matrix, aka unique identifier (UI) code. Scanners are available to purchase from Positive Solutions on 01257 275800 or
  1. Create SecurMed User Account
    The appointed person from the End User Location must create a User Account with SecurMed in order to proceed with FMD registration (on-boarding).
  1. SecurMed Registration (on-boarding)
    The appointed person from the End User Location must proceed with online FMD Registration with SecurMed (on-boarding). Single and/or Bulk Registration options are available.
  1. Receipt of User Login Information
    The End User will receive login details including user name and password from SecurMed approximately 15 days after registration. These will be sent to the End User with a combination of email and postal communications.
  1. Receipt of Software Security Certificate
    The End User will receive a Software Certificate link from SecurMed approximately 15 days after registration.


You must store the your SecurMed Security Certificate details, User Name and Password in a safe and easily accessible location. Your MediCyn FMD software cannot be activate without this information.

  1. MediCyn FMD Software Installation
    Your MediCyn FMD software must be installed on your Analyst system with the application of your Security Certificate issued by SecurMed. The Positive Solutions Service Desk will undertake this process for customers – please see further information below. 
  1. Change Password
    To complete the activation, you must change your password. Our Service Desk will support you in this process


Arranging Installation of MediCyn FMD Software with Service Desk Support

We will be pleased to provide you with a full implementation and support service for the installation of:

  • Analyst FMD software (MediCyn FMD) and
  • SecurMed security certificate(s)

This will help your pharmacy achieve system functionality as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption or downtime to your business.

Independent Account Customers – should follow the process outlined below to access the support service:

(i)Corporate Account Customers – should contact their Account Manager who will liaise with the Service Desk to arrange date(s) and time(s) for the support service to install MediCyn FMD software on your branch PMR systems.

  1. Complete SecurMed Registration (on-boarding)
    Complete the SecurMed registration (on-boarding) process and ensure you have received your user name, password and Security Certificate. The Service Desk cannot proceed with the software install without all your SecurMed Registration information.
  1. Store SecurMed Information
    On receipt of your registration information, store it in a safe and easily accessible location. You will need this information to hand on the day you complete your software install and activation.
  1. Book a Service Desk Appointment
    i)Contact the Positive Solutions Service Desk on 01257 235940 or to book an appointment for the software installation. You should allow 15-20 mins time on the phone on the day of installation to complete the process, during which we will require your End User representative to be available.
  1. Software Installation and Activation
    Our Service Desk will call you on the day you arranged and at the agreed time to install and activate your system using a Screen Connect remote session.
Installing MediCyn FMD Software without Support

Customers wishing to self-install MediCyn FMD software and SecurMed Security Certificate can download Installation Guide(s) and User Guide(s) from this website.

We would like to make customer aware that:

  • Reasonable IT competence and a minimum understanding of software functionality are required to complete the installation.  
  • Even a tiny error eg. in cutting and pasting the security certificate code,may result in Analyst PMR not being able to function correctly. 
  • Any mistake made by customers self-installing could result in pharmacy downtime. 
  • In the event of any incorrect procedure(s) by the Customer, PSL cannot be held responsible for any ensuing pharmacy downtime.
Start date for Service Desk Installation

The Service Desk support team will be available by appointment from Monday, 14thJanuary 2019 for installation and implementation of MediCyn FMD software and Security Certificates.

FMD Resources form Positive Solutions


Installation Guide:

MediCyn FMD Software and SecurMed Security Certificate v.2.3.1

User Guide:

FMD User Guide SecurMed Registration (On-Boarding) v.2.3.1

Help File:

Analyst FMD v.1.1

These resources will be subject to regular updates as FMD legislation and MediCyn FMD software functionality extends.