FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive)

Integrated Workflow Solutions for Analyst PMR

Workflow Processes from Positive Solutions

FMD provides Pharmacies with the opportunity to achieve greater pharmacy efficiency and therefore, increased financial benefit.

Through extensive IT research and development and by working closely with all pharmacy regulatory bodies, our integrated FMD solution offers pharmacies outstanding additional functionality.

In order to take advantage of these enhanced benefits, Pharmacies should consider adopting the workflows outlined below. These processes have been specifically created by Positive Solutions to create additional benefit from FMD:

1 Stock Deliveries

Scanning stock at the time it is received into stock is an optional process for best practice within FMD. (Level 3)

2 Assembly (first) and Labelling
  1. Select packs for assembly before producing the labels.
  2. Scan the packs into the dispensing screen in ANY order to:

a) Automatically reconcile the pack against the prescribed item.

b) Produce a label for each pack.

c) Perform checks against expiry date and batch.

d) Remove the pack from stock.

e) Perform an FMD Verification check.

f) Add the pack into the script bag.

g) Generate aggregated bar code on the bag label.

h) Generate an accurate claim.

Labelling (first) and Assembling

This workflow is common where repeats are labelled to build the order and then assembled when the order comes in.

a) In this situation, your Analyst PMR has no knowledge of the pack identity when you produce the label.

b) To work around this, use the Analyst Dispensing Check Labels (DCL).

c) DCL is an additional barcode printed on the label with the identity of the script item for which the label has just been produced.

d) When the order is delivered and sorted, the dispenser must:

  • attach the labels to the packs for each script.
  • follow the DCL procedure of scanning the DCL barcode and then the UI on the pack. This will assign the item to the script and perform the FMD verification check.

The procedure outlined above will perform the checks and processes described in the Assemble then Label workflow AND will perform an accuracy check of the labelling by confirming the correct pack has been labelled i.e. correct drug, form, strength and pack size. By scanning Dispensing Check Labels and then packing, the correct drug pack will be added to the patient’s bag.

Decommission at Handout
  1. Scan the bag label or select the patient session on the Script Queue to follow the existing bag collection process.
  2. Mark the patient session as collected.
  3. Handing out the bag to the patient will trigger the decommission (dispense) message for all packs known to be in the bag(s) collected.

If you already scan bag labels out when handing the items to patients, you’re FMD ready!


Analyst will feature an FMD option with ad-hoc scanning for:

  • Visual verification and decommissioning
  • Other message types with corresponding undo messages

All scans will work for individual packs and for the whole bag using the bag label.


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FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive)

Integrated Workflow Solutions for Analyst PMR