IT Assurance for Pharmacy Contractors

Positive Solutions is working closely with PSNC and NHS Digital to ensure:

  • Appropriate technical and organisational measures are undertaken to meet the requirements of GDPR
  • Appropriate data security for your pharmacy IT systems and solutions.

Pharmacy Contractors can download our Assurance Statement here.

Note to Pharmacy Contractors: Please complete the table at Page 2 of the Assurance Statement with details of all Positive Solutions Systems and Services we provide for your pharmacy. You should then print, complete and keep the Statement for your pharmacy records.

Positive Solutions will continue to review any new legislation and determine any further GDPR updates that may become necessary in the future.

Further information Save

Pharmacies in England and Wales:  PSNC the NPA.

Pharmacies in Scotland:  Please refer to the ICO ’12 Steps document as advised by Community Pharmacy Scotland.

Candidate Privacy Policy

Positive Solutions complies with all laws and regulations in relation to its handling of candidate information linked to recruitment and HR processes.

Read our Candidate Privacy Policy in full here.