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Supporting Independent Community Pharmacies

At Positive Solutions we understand the face of community pharmacy is changing. The sector is coping with significant challenges following funding reductions and increased competition.

We work with independent pharmacies to help you keep dispensing and OTC sales running smoothly while allowing you to focus on your customers and patients. Things like administering flu jabs, taking consultations and conducting Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) are a big part of what makes an independent pharmacy a community hub. We offer a range of products and services to help you spend less time doing paperwork, or in front of a computer, and more time with your patients.

To develop a truly patient-centric approach, independent pharmacies must embrace technology that works hard to help you to drive efficiencies, develop services and deliver unrivaled patient care.

Improve Service Delivery

From a more reliable N3 connection, that allows you to dispense more scripts, to the delivery of additional services, such as MURs and NMUs our pharmacy technology can help you improve your revenue stream.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

To bring costs down you can automate the buying process with our Order Manager Software, and take advantage of other professional services like the Business Process Review, to identify any points in your business where savings could be made.

Improve the Pharmacy Environment

Our technology can help you streamline your pharmacy processes while our shop fitting and merchandising services ensure you are making the best use of your space.

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