Pharmacy IT systems that support your business

PMR Systems

Free from a single point of failure, Analyst PMR ensures a continuous ability to dispense.

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EPoS Systems

From Analyst EPoS to Analyst IPS, our combined EPoS and PMR offering, our systems provide a complete view of your patient portfolio.

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Order Management

Analyst OrderManager is a platform agnostic order management system that automates the buying process, saving time and money.

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Head Office Systems

Analyst Head Office enables pharmacy groups to increase efficiency through branch analysis across our Analyst IPS, PMR and EPoS systems.

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Integrated Pharmacy Systems

Our integrated pharmacy system, Analyst IPS, combines Analyst EPoS and Analyst PMR to provide control over your business.

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Automation Systems

Our Analyst Automation technology provides an interface for pharmacies looking to manage either hub and spoke automation or individual robot capabilities.

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Pharmacy Hardware

Our Analyst terminals are designed to provide pharmacies with robust, reliable and modern hardware.

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Business Continuity

Analyst Business Continuity includes cloud back-up and 3G failover safeguarding against data loss and downtime.

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