QuickPick App

Analyst quickpick App

Analyst quickpick is a mobile application designed to improve safety and efficiency by providing the right tool for the job when and where dispensary staff need it.

It streamlines the picking of items in the dispensary and takes a huge leap towards making the dispensing process paperless. It is not only quicker, but safer: packs are scanned as they are picked to ensure that they match prescribed items.

 Is this the end of LASAs?

Paperless Dispensing

Dispensing hasn’t really moved on in decades despite virtually all prescriptions now being electronic. Your Analyst PMR system is already able to support clinical checks, accuracy checks and exemption checks without the need to print a token.

Paperless dispensing is now possible in England thanks to Analyst quickpick which not only replaces the token to pick from but consolidates scripts and presents them in the order that’s best to pick. Scotland and Wales can still use quickpick to streamline systems.

QuickPick App
QuickPick App
QuickPick App

Safer Picking


Time Saving

Supplied on affordable, robust mobile devices as part of a suite of apps to transform the efficiency of your whole pharmacy allowing more time to be spend with patients, not prescriptions.

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