Queue Buster | Coming Soon

Queue Buster

Queue Buster – Now Available! 

We’re all amazed at the queues that have been forming outside pharmacies, with their 2m gaps snaking along the pavements as patients wait to collect their medication from counter staff continue to serve at the highest level under pressure.

As part of our response to COVID-19 we have developed a Queue Buster tool. It is designed to help a member of staff triage the queue which will speed up service and reduce the time spent at the counter collecting items or stood in the rain waiting.

Queue Buster will provide a printable, partially anonymised list of items which are ready to collect and their shelf location. This will allow notes to be given to patients with the location of the bag in advance of approaching the counter so the time spent at handout will be significantly reduced.

For those without an Analyst IPS terminal or Analyst Handout App at the counter, a record of a patient’s exemption and collection can be kept on the printout for input on Analyst later in bulk.

Queue Buster will automatically be deployed to your master PMR terminal. It’s really simple to use but will contain a short help file too.

We offer this to you at no cost and with our thanks for manning the front line of our country’s coronavirus response.

* Analyst V4.0 is a pre-requisite so if you would like Queue Buster and haven’t been upgraded yet, call the Service Desk on 01257 235940 to ask for both.