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SecurMed Registration

Individual Pharmacy Contractors are responsible for the following actions:

1 Registering with SecurMed (‘on-boarding’)


Positive Solutions will advise customers when they can go-ahead with their on-boarding registration.

It’s important that customers do not keep trying to register until we have given the go-ahead.  The SecurMed login security could lock you out of the system if you try to register too many times. As a consequence you may suffer a delay in re-applying.

You will need to ensure you pharmacy is connected to the UK Medicines Verification System via SecurMed https://www.securmed.org.uk/register/end-user-registration/

Please note:

Although the SecurMed website is now open for pharmacy ‘on boarding’, your pharmacy application will not be progressed until your systems supplier has passed baseline testing with SecurMed.

We’re delighted to advise that Positive Solutions initial engagement with SecurMed has been successful and we are now waiting for sign off.

When registering, you will require the following information about the Positive Solutions FMD solution:

  • Software Supplier Name: Positive Solutions Ltd
  • Software Name: MediSyn (Message broker & Console)
  • Software Version: Analyst v3.61

2 Updating internal pharmacy SOPs to account for and ensure the following:

a) Checking of Anti-Tamper Devices

b) Scanning of unique 2D codes

c) Process for performing the 2D code checks against the National Medicines Verification System

d) All relevant prescription medicines are authenticated and decommissioned during the dispensing process, prior to hand-over to patients

e) Unexpected results e.g. product recalls are included