Service Desk

Average monthly call response times in 2021

Calls answered within 3 minutes

Average call wait

Under 3 minutes

Engineer Response Times 2021

Engineer On Site in 6 hours or less

Engineer On Site in 8 hours or less

First Time Fix


All our systems and solutions are designed to deliver unrivalled resilience and stability for your daily operations. Nevertheless, we understand the significant impact that technical issues and downtime can have on your Pharmacy.

Our industry leading support team always aims to immediately resolve any issues you may encounter and we work with you at all times to minimise the risk of disruption or downtime.

The Benefits of our Support Desk and Solutions
  • Immediate response with 97% of calls answered within 3 minutes

  • Dedicated experts available during core business hours

  • Operation to optimum industry standards

  • On-going systems support available at any time

  • Advice and guidance on how to get the best out of your PSL solutions

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Looking for support?

If you are experiencing an issue contact our Service Desk on:

(t) 01257 235940


Monday to Friday 0830 – 1830hrs

Saturday 0830 -1700hrs

Sunday & Bank Holidays Closed