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Supporting Small & Medium Group Pharmacy Businesses

Developments in the pharmacy market are opening up opportunities for growth. Areas like pharmacy automation allow businesses to expand, and improve efficiency within the group.

However, pharmacies need the right technology to enable this growth. At Positive Solutions we work with pharmacy groups to help you keep dispensing and OTC operations running smoothly, while allowing you to explore options for growth through technology. Our streamlined pharmacy IT systems also allow staff to focus on your customers and patients, taking the time for things like administering flu jabs, taking consultations and conducting Medicines Use Reviews (MURs).

Operational and aesthetic standards for a pharmacy group can then be met across all branches, giving a consistent look and feel for customers.

Growth Through Technology

Investment in resilient and reliable technology is essential to grow your business. The Positive Solutions Analyst PMR system for example has the most reliable N3 connection available. Each terminal has its own pathway to the NHS spine, reducing the risk of outage across your branches.

Group wide Pharmacy Insight

To grow your pharmacy business you need insight into what is happening in all your branches. The Analyst Head Office system allows you to analyse a variety of criteria across your pharmacy group.

Complete pharmacy services

Positive Solutions can help you grow your pharmacy business through end to end professional services and a keen understanding of associated business risks. We offer business and technical consultancy as well as merchandising and shop fitting.

Our Pharmacy Solutions