Analyst text messaging powered by Esendex

SMS text messaging is an ideal way to communicate with your patients and customers. It’s less time-consuming, supports patient confidentiality and is cost effective.

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Quick and simple to use

Our integrated solution has been developed in partnership with Esendex Business Communications. It’s intuitive, reliable and includes a wealth of features to support great pharmacy to patient communications. The benefits of our system include:

  • Automated prescription collection and delivery notices
  • Effective promotion of your pharmacy services
  • Scheduled patient reminder features
  • Clinical appointment reminders
  • Seasonal products promotions
  • Patient surveys

It couldn’t be any easier to provide patients with added value from your pharmacy*

*It’s important to remember to:

  • Keep your patients’ mobile phone details up to date
  • Record patient consent on your PMR system

Features of the system

  • Analyst PMR gives you flexibility in the way you use its integrated SMS text messaging
  • Scheduling for send date and time
  • Message preview pane
  • Regular message repeat options
  • Automatic default to Medication Ready messaging
  • Targeting of specific patient groups
  • Automatic message delivery updates
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SMS Surveys

SMS Surveys are a great way of gathering information to improve customer experience. By sending a series of questions via SMS, audiences will be able to provide data at any time or place. Pharmacy will be able to send simple questionnaires and achieve higher response rates, without sending letters or making phone calls.

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