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Cold Chain storage and temperature monitoring

StockGuard is a wireless temperature monitor that delivers consistent control and accurate record keeping for refrigeration and ambient temperatures. It eliminates the need for manual recording by staff and therefore increases efficiency when handling medicines storage.

The system incorporates one central access point with calibrated wireless sensors, offering automatic continuous temperature monitoring. All settings can be individually configured to trigger immediate on-screen, SMS text and email alerts for any readings out of safe range.

Fully compliant with MHRA guidelines, StockGuard is the latest product from Positive Solutions to support statutory adherence. The system is suitable for use by Pharmacy and other clinical environments including care homes, GP surgeries and hospitals where products stored in a refrigerator are subject to compliance with statutory cold chain temperature monitoring.

  • Reduced waste / risk of stock damage – Automatic on-screen, SMS and email alerts enabling problems to be addressed in real-time

  • Improved patient safety – supports determination of whether stock safety has been compromised to ensure medicines are fit for their intended purpose

  • Accurate data recording – Automatic generation of detailed daily reports for minimum, maximum and average temperatures

  • Mobile temperature logging – Can be used in delivery vehicles to ensure protection of stock in transit

  • Integration – with Analyst PMR

  • User-friendly ‘plug & play’ setup – automatic transmission of readings to the StockGuard Cloud from first connection to power source and network

  • Robust and reliable – 10yr battery life with up to 50 days readings without connection. Waterproof and dustproof sensors that operate between -40°C and +70°C in dry or damp conditions

Initial Cost Monthly Cover
Starter Kit £350 + VAT £15 + VAT
Additional Sensor £177 + VAT £3 + VAT
Additional Internal Access Point £150 + VAT £2.50 + VAT
External or Mobile Access Point Price on Application Price on Application
Per Month for 48 months
Starter Kit £25 + VAT
Additional Sensor £7 + VAT
Additional Internal Access Point £6 + VAT
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